Donald Bough

Way back in high school, I started a project-based learning club in my hometown, and ever since then, I've been making websites and cool digital projects with friends. Right now I'm focused on building networks from home towns mainly in Southern Indiana.

Check out my past projects and blogs on things I'm thinking of. 🧠


Projects 🚀

Started December 2020 - Actively in Use

After starting a high school alumni database (GradGrid, mentioned below), we realized jobs were the focus of connections and that we could make an impact by dedicating a platform to that.

Hometown Hiring connects hometown employers with job seekers in and outside of the area. It's been a blast seeing over 5,000 job seekers come through and seeing jobs being filled solely through our platform.

Built with - Javascript, Bootstrap, Firebase Realtime Database & Firebase Auth

Started August 2018 - Actively in Use

My friends Luke Hochgesang and Noah Bawel brought an interesting problem to my attention; our hometown Jasper Indiana produced a ton of incredible talent but none of us could find or connect with them in the ocean of LinkedIn or Facebook.

So we created GradGrid - an alumni database and job platform that connects natives still in town and far away with each other and local industry. It's still in use by 1000+ alumni, 3 different school corporations, and we've had a lot of fun running our little business. 

Built with - Javascript, Bootstrap, Firebase Realtime Database & Firebase Auth

Tunes Viewer (NFT project)

Started September 2021 - Actively In Use

Tunes are imaginative song titles generated by AI. As an NFT, other artists have created artwork and songs based off these song titles. The viewer I created lets artists beautifully view everything around their "Tune" in one place, like an art gallery.

The "Tunes" NFT project has an active community of over 5,000 members, where I graciously received a lot of help with creating my first web3 related project.

Tunes Viewer uses Firebase, Etherium blockchain, & Bootstrap


Started November 2021 - Partially Finished

Designed with a licensed psychotherapist, Together provides daily prompts of conversations to bring you closer with your significant other. It's headspace for your relationship ❤️

Started August 2020 - Finished but not in use

In the middle of Covid by sister in law had a hard time finding a trustworthy apartment in New York, made more difficult by not being able to visit them in person.

Rate My Place lets renters rate their landlord/management company so apartment seekers can find trustworthy locations without ever visiting. We ended up not marketing the idea since we found out most other people preferred visiting the general area in person.

This was my first project where I didn't focus on making the code clean, and instead focused on finishing something quickly to see if the idea would be valuable to others.

Built with - Javascript, Bootstrap, Google Maps API, and Firebase Realtime Database

Robot Painter

Started August 2020 - Partially Finished

One day I was feeling creative and painting was the 1st thing that came to mind. But I didn't have any paint... so why not make a robot do it for me instead right?

The robot converts the paintings to an SVG file, which breaks them down into "lines". The drawn lines are funky, but the picture is still pretty well there. I started experimenting with having the robot paint those lines. Right now it's just using a pencil (flat line), so I found a paintbrush effect, but I'll have to re-do a lot of things by hand to make it use the right color and brush strokes.

This was a fun project done "just because". I learned a lot about how SVG files and web animations work. along with 

I haven't done a fun project in a while, so it's been nice to go off and do something just because!

Built with - Javascript, ImageTracer vectorizer js library

Source code -

Big Pineapple

July 2018 - Finished, not in use

Big Pineapple is a volunteer project I made with some friends from work to make volunteering more fun and discoverable.

The video on the side shows how Big Pineapple creates a new calendar of nearby volunteer events found on Event Brite, lets you log volunteer hours, and levels up your health and XP after logging hours. 

Built with - Python, Javascript, Google Calendar API, Event Brite API

Source code - 


Started February 2019 - Finished, kind of in use

When I started at Salesforce, they hosted an open-source hackathon which turned out to be a great way to meet other engineers there. Our project focused on helping me with my Type 1 Diabetes and won us 1st place 🏆 at the hackathon.

Eatr is an integration that lets diabetics log food in MyFitnessPal and see the carbs (which matter for diabetics) in their diabetes application Nightscout. It also included an alert from Pushover when they ate over 300g of carbs in a day.

Built with - Python, Heroku Dynos, MyFitnessPal API, Nightscout API

Source code -

Story Book

Started February 2018 - Partially Finished

Storybook allows you to input the text from children’s story in a different language to your native language, and then dynamically build a VR environment based on the story’s own environment. It puts you in a whole new foreign world! The video on the side shows "Little Red Riding Hood".

This was an experimental project started in Purdue's virtual reality lab class and continued into the summer after. While we never enabled dynamic environments to be built, we did enable the story to be translated into a different language. 

All together, Storybook is a fun VR application that has educational value tied with it.

Built with - C#, Unity, Google's Translation API

Source code -