• Donald Bough

Developers Thrive When Building 🏗

In The Lean Startup, Eric Ries brought up something along the lines that craftsmen (developers in his example) needed to constantly be building projects to thrive. In a different universe, a pianist interviewed for the New Yorker was being celebrated for streaming concerts during the quarantine. When he began to receive widespread recognition for this, he desperately expressed that all he wanted to do was SOMETHING in a time where he couldn’t go out and perform.

What could a pianist and developer possibly have in common? The need to create.

But there can be a problem in this desire to create. How often do developers feel the need to build something, JUST to build it? Plenty. I know in college so much of my hands on learning came from problems that were pretty limited to myself and my roommates.

The need to create feels like a shark's need to move through water for survival.

Could this put myself at a disadvantage? Would my constant desire to work on something distract me from discovering a more worthwhile problem to solve, or is this the kind of focus it takes to make something valuable?

There is probably a balance somewhere in between. A shark can't change direction because of its constant need to move forward. Maybe that’s why mindfulness is so powerful for entrepreneurs. It gives time to re-ground and refocus. Yes developers allowed to stray from the vision of our current business or project to work on a fun javascript confetti popper, that’s part of the fun. The real danger can be swimming in too deep into a project that won’t let us financially sustain ourselves.

We can always keep swimming, but we have to find enough fish along the way. Maybe once we find more than we could ever need, is when we’ll the most fun paths are actually the most calorie-filled ones.

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