• Donald Bough

10 Steps to Get Your Website Discovered in 2020

After working on SEO, Google Rankings, and discoverability for a couple of companies I finally wrote my process down. It's simple, and gives a plan for getting your website to show up on Google.

End to End Checklist:

  • Register a custom domain

  • Do a brain dump of all relevant words for your business

  • Make URLs more relevant (e.g. Going from to An over-specific example is

  • Add relevant title tags and detailed meta descriptions for each page using this preview tool. Tags and descriptions are what Google search results display. (e.g. Title: French Bulldogs For Sale in Indiana, description: As a top Indiana dog breeder with over 20 years of experience, we pride ourselves on having the cutest puppies around.)

  • Add words the sum your subject up as meta tags (e.g. french bulldog, puppies, for sale, male, breeder, small, cute)

  • Re-evaluate content per page. Add H1, H2, and other HTML tags

  • Add call to action buttons

  • Add meta alt tag descriptions for each image (e.g. Cream colored, perky dog smiling at the camera on a patch of grass)

  • Check that each page clearly links to rest of website.

Other Detailed Guides:

The most important thing isn't to do every single thing, but to be doing some. The basics get you really far when you combine it with quality content that people will enjoy. Best of luck! 🍀

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