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How to Intern From Home During Covid

As a full-time software engineer at Salesforce, I had to opportunity to share how I made the most of my internship the summer before. This incoming group of interns would be working from home due to quarantine, so my tips focused on interning form home.

Starting off your day right:

  • Get dressed in the morning. Would you show off that sweet new T or shoes if you were in person at work? Then do it at home! Dressing up at home helps put yourself in the right mindset for the day and makes you more open to keeping your camera on.

  • Give yourself time to wake up. Is it tempting to wake up 5 minutes before your first meeting, and spend your scrambling to get things together after? It sure is. But by taking the time to get ready in the morning before your workday starts, you’ll feel a lot more productive throughout the day.

Maintaining a fun and productive work day:

  • Break it up! The pomodoro method personally helps me with staying on task with coding, but it can help anyone from overworking themselves on a task and burning out. Remember to take water breaks, make yourself some yummy food, and do some fun activities to give your brain a break.

  • Lights, Cameras, Action: Like mentioned before, try to keep your video on during meetings even if your team isn’t. This lets everyone connect to you more and pick up on signals like if you have a question or are wanting to say something.

  • Scott Hanselman, an amazing developer who's well known online, has a great article on this.

  • Ask that “stupid” (I’m betting it isn’t stupid) question: Please. Please please please take the time to ask your team and mentor a million questions. They are expecting you to have a lot of questions and that things are confusing. Even as a full-time employee, when jumping into new areas at Salesforce things are confusing and the only way I can get comfortable is by asking a million questions. This not only makes you look more caring about your work, but you’ll feel more confident and less frustrated later on.

  • LinkedIn post from me talking more on this.

And that's it! The most important thing is not overwhelming yourself and knowing that doing your best is what counts. Email me at for any advice or questions.

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